Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 years with 30 To Dos

So, I failed to post a birthday message about me.  Really was there any point?  I already knew it was my birthday and most of the people that see this blog are family members who knew it was my birthday.  To make it public and official, though, here is the announcement.  I'm 30. 

Celebrating with my nephew.  He's 3.  I'm 30. 

Our 30 minute run on the morning of my birthday on the waterfront.  We also picked 30 lbs of strawberries
So what does that mean? Not much really. Nothing changed in my life and life has continued as normal for the last two months since I turned 30. So everyone out there who fears the dreaded decade change, I survived and I actually had a great day in Portland with my family on the day. (See the previous post of how I celebrated in Portland and Seattle). Additionally I have had a fabulous 2 months since my birthday

Shortly before the big day, I was bemoaning to a friend that I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday. I didn't want to sit at home on a Thursday doing nothing for my 30th birthday. Single, gain-fully employed 30 year old girls just shouldn't have to do that. He joked that he was going to make a list of 30 things for me to do on my birthday so I didn't get bored. Ha-very funny. He knew all too well how much I LOVE my to do lists (the crossing things off, actually).

He didn't make the list.

But don't worry--I did. Kind of...

I tweaked the idea just a bit and decided to make a list of 30 things to do during my 30th year. Crazy, I know. Okay it gets worse. The list includes 30 things to do this year that all involve the #30.

Some are fun--eat at 30 new restaurants, go on 30 dates, make a fun birthday cake for some one's 30th birthday

Eating breakfast at my first new restaurant with my niece.  Isabel Pearl in downtown Portland
Some are important things I should be doing or need to do--throw 30 things away in my closet, write in my journal 30 times, write my nephew on his mission 30 times, go to the temple 30 times.

Some are educational--read about photography for 30 mins/month, sew for 30 hrs, memorize 30 scriptures.

Some are just random--run 30 miles worth of races, add 30 new friends on Facebook, etc..

I'll keep you posted on my progress....so far I'm doing my best at hitting up 30 new restaurants. My favorite place so far: the food carts in downtown Portland. I highly recommend the food pod on 10th and alder or Washington or somewhere in that vicinity. The Thai food was spicy and delicious and only $5 and the korean burrito was a fun twist on food that I love from korea.

shoving food in my mouth from the food carts.  It also great to just take a seat on the side walk while you eat

Sushi in Canda.  Sheri and I also ate Vietnames food the day before in Seattle