Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frugal Dougalls

I bought produce for salsa yesterday. 
I purchased:
3 bunches of cilantro
7 tomatoes (roughly 3lbs)
1 medium onion
4 medium avocados
3 jalapeno peppers and 1 Serrano pepper
2 limes
2 large oranges (not for the salsa but were on sale)
2 yams (also not for the salsa)
...and I feel like the hungry caterpillar...
Guess how much I spent??

If you guessed close to $15, then you are shopping at the wrong market. 

My total came to $5.10

Yes, that's right.  Just in case you were wondering how I pulled it off--the avocados were on sale 4 for $.99, oranges were 6lbs for $.99, the 4 peppers came to $.14, the cilantro was 5 bunches for a $1, tomatoes were $.59 a lb and the limes, onions and yams were also significantly cheaper than any other local grocery store. 

John you've got some competition.  You are not the only frugal Dougall in Utah County.