Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forecasting Winter...

SALT LAKE CITY -- The KSL weather team has been warning us for several days now: "Say goodbye to fall. Winter is on the way."

Based on this most recent news update--here is my tribute to FALL, because I for one am not looking forward to winter. 

FALL highlights up PROVO CANYON. 

1. Learning to fly fish...okay, being taught to fly fish.  I cast a line that did not have a hook on it and then took photos while my friend cast with a fly.  I would not say I really learned how, though I had an excellent teacher.  I didn't catch any fish.  You need a hook and a permit to do that, of which I had neither. 

2. Biking up past Southfork on a crisp autum morning. 

 3. Hiking Stewart Falls with a few other girls from the nurse practitioning program.  A much needed distraction between class and studying. 

I'm not ready to say good bye yet, but at least I've enjoyed it while it lasted.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Your future health care....

Is in our hands.

Don't worry--we still have 22 1/2 month to go before they let us loose. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

it RUNS in the genes

Growing up, Julie was always the athletic twin.  She played basketball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, etc and I happily stood on the sidelines and cheered her on. 
When we got to college, we started running together.  Together meaning, we started together.  She would quickly pick up the pace, run a few blocks ahead of me and then circle back around to meet me only to get a few blocks ahead again and circle back around.

Since then, I've overcome my fears of running = bulky legs and can actually keep a decent pace with Julie.

In June we ran the wasatch back relay together...
This was our 4th year running it.  3rd time running it on the same team. 

In july, I ran the Hobbler 1/2 marathon down Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville Utah.

I surprised myself and ran a personal best at 137:19.
That's 7:26 min splits! For 13.1 MILES! I had no idea I had that kind of speed in me. 
And to top it all off, I came in first for my age division.  

Last week, Julie ran the St. George Marathon. 
She qualified for the Boston Marathon running a 3:38. 

And I happily stood on the sidelines cheering her on just like in the good 'ole high school days :)