Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forecasting Winter...

SALT LAKE CITY -- The KSL weather team has been warning us for several days now: "Say goodbye to fall. Winter is on the way."

Based on this most recent news update--here is my tribute to FALL, because I for one am not looking forward to winter. 

FALL highlights up PROVO CANYON. 

1. Learning to fly fish...okay, being taught to fly fish.  I cast a line that did not have a hook on it and then took photos while my friend cast with a fly.  I would not say I really learned how, though I had an excellent teacher.  I didn't catch any fish.  You need a hook and a permit to do that, of which I had neither. 

2. Biking up past Southfork on a crisp autum morning. 

 3. Hiking Stewart Falls with a few other girls from the nurse practitioning program.  A much needed distraction between class and studying. 

I'm not ready to say good bye yet, but at least I've enjoyed it while it lasted.

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  1. What gorgeous pictures! I love fall. I really love fall in the mountains.