Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another day to Serve

favorite photo of the day

Today Jordan, Kirsti, Miriam and I were assigned to clean a medical warehouse.  It doesn't sound like exciting work to be doing overseas, but we enjoyed the chance to serve where we were assigned and to make a small dent in the work that needed to be accomplished. 
* the boys dancing on lunch break and watching Jordan rip his pants
*watching how willing the Haitians were to pitch in manpower to move boxes.  they made our work go much faster
*throwing 50 boxes off the second floor in the warehouse to reload on a different palate (we used wheel chairs to transport boxes from one side of the warehouse to another)
*cold drinks during our lunch break! Much needed after sweating indoors for hours
*a naked man sitting in a tree on the side of the road
*making progress in orgnizing IV supplies, syringes, masks, gowns, ortho supplies and others equipment.
*swimming--did I mention that I love the sunny, warm weather!
*the power is currently back on and the internet is working
*we have water on the 3rd floor again!!  We now have water to shower, turn on the sink faucet and flush the toilet.

I'm sure there are a hundred more highlights, funny stories and reasons that I am thankful to be here. 

photo taken at the end of the work day after loading sheleves full of IV fluids. 

Just to show you how dirty we got, that wipe cleaned off one arm and it is filthy.  I didn't want to touch anything for the entire ride home...and traffic was horrific.  That is actually a funny story--traffic wasn't moving anywhere so I looked ahead to see why and there was a huge dump track blocking 1/2 the narrow haitian road.  They were changing a flat tire in the middle of the road, in the middle of busy streets, at a busy time of day!  Street hawkers were directing traffic.  20 cars in one direction and then 20 for the other took FOREVER.

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