Monday, October 17, 2011

It was only a kiss...

My 20 something year old cancer patient said to me on Sunday:
"I haven't kissed a girl since February.  Emily, What if I never get to kiss another girl before I die!?!"

I didn't know what to say.  Nursing school didn't prepare me to answer questions like this. 

The white board in all patient rooms have an area for patients to write down questions for doctors and goals for the day. 

The goals listed were:
1. Have a cute nurse.
2. Kick cancer in the butt.
3. Kiss a cute nurse.

I like the way he thinks.  Goal oriented and all.  And I'm the kind of nurse that likes to please. 

Before he was discharged from the hospital on Monday, I stopped by the 7th floor to drop off a bag of these... 

Hopefully he has enough kisses to last him until he returns for chemo in 2 weeks...or until a girl comes to her senses, which ever comes first. 

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  1. Fooled me! I seriously thought you Kissed him! You should ;)