Monday, January 30, 2012

It's a bird, it's a plane....No, it's actually an Osprey

We all bring unique talents and strengths into any relationship.  We also bring all the knowledge that we have acquiredin life-what ever that knowledge may be. 

It didn't take very long after Jay and I started dating for me to realize his fascination of birds.  (I know-I thought the same thing-is this a boy in his 20's or 70's?)  It is such a random, unique quirk, I mean talent, that I think it is actually quite adorable.  Often when we are driving in the car or out for a run or hiking on a trail he will stop conversation and point out a certain bird that has caught his attention.  He will direct me to look at the birds tail or wingspan or the curvature of its neck and then explain based on these characteristics what type of bird it is.  He was ecstatic one night when I told him that I identified an owl sitting on a telephone pole.  Without me giving any information he suggested that it was most likely a screech owl.  And he was right.  A few hours later he emailed me a recording of the screech owl call.  Who does that?

A man + A bird. and his girl = happy Jay.

This Canadia goose bit my finger. 
Last week I flew to Arizona for a visit.  On Sunday after church we decided to go feed the ducks at a nearby pond.  Jay started identifying the ducks for me and showing me unique features of several species.  In fact, he was very happy that he correctly identified a Eurasian Widgeon.  (He went home and checked to make sure that he was correct.  He was.  Oh and marked it in his birding journal that he saw this for the first time.) I can't help but smile every time he starts displaying his depth of knowledge in this subject.  I was a few seconds too late in getting a good video of Jay throwing bread to the ducks and identifying the type of bird who caught the bread and whether it was male or female.   I had to pry it out of him in the video I took (which I can't get to if you're ever interested in seeing it, let me know). 

A Eurasian Widgeon that Jay sent me via email.  Notice the hallmark mohawk of this type of bird.
Just trying to educate the rest of the world with the knowledge I'm obtaining one bird at a time.
Back in the fall Jay asked me if someday I might really enjoy bird watching with him.  (He owns several birding books and binoculars so I'm good to go whenever I'm ready to pick up the hobby.)  I told him I would really enjoy going with him, but I'm not really sure I'll ever really enjoy the "sport."  We'll see if with marriage come some changes...and what other unique interests will be revealed. 

 May I point out how appropriate it is that Jay is named after a type of bird.  It was meant to be--Jay and his love of birding. 


  1. That is a great post. You hit the nail on the head. Can I just say, James too? Our second date involved birding and he kept pointing things out and I was thinking, "I have no idea what he's talking about." It is cute though.

  2. i just saw your link to this blog on facebook. how come i never knew about this?!?!?!?!? i have lots of catching up to do and am very excited!!! xx laurel :)

  3. Billy really loves birding too and we also went on some birding dates prior to marriage. get ready!

  4. Yep, that's jay. So funny. I take pics of birds out here in Fl and send them to James & jay and no matter how crappy the pic is they can tell me what type of bird it is. I know nothing about birds, except that they have wings and fly, well most do.

  5. yeh he's weird. ;o) cute post, love the pics of you guys with the bird. :o)