Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh the Places We'll Go

While Jay brings birding to the relationship, I will be bringing a passport full of stamps and a computer full of photos from places I've been.  With the expenses of dating long distance, wedding stuff, a move to AZ, med school loans, needing to find a job in AZ post move and graduation, family, etc. it appears that my traveling bug may need to take a hiatus for a few years.  (How did this frugal Dougall end up with such an expensive hobby, anyway?!?) 

I had a spark of creativity this year for Christmas.  Actually, it was less creativity and more of a wandering mind while attempting to study for finals that came upon a perfect idea.  (finals are good for something!).  I decided to give Jay an Around the World themed gift tying in my love of traveling and providing him with fun gifts to open each week until we get married.  I think we are on week 6 of 22.  So far he has been to Antarctica (a coupon good for sno cones this summer), the Far East (to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a package of spicy ramen noodles), Africa (a small donation to an organization that supports humanitarian work in Africa), Mexico (ingredients for Salsa), Europe (movie tickets to see Sherlock Holmes), and my favorite, and the first envelop he opened to kick off the Christmas gift, a tour around Utah the week of Christmas (plane ride in a 2 seater plane). 

If you look really close you can see a dot right in the middle.  That is the plane.
 Perfect weather for flying and a fun way to celebrate Christmas

Birding is little bit more of a budget minded hobby and one that we will enjoy until we can afford the places we wish to go someday together. 
Jay suggests that we can go birding in some of the countries we will some day travel.  This will increase the expense of birding exponentially.  I think we'll be staying but in Tucson for a while and enjoying the birds in a landlocked community. 

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