Saturday, February 25, 2012

After 16 hrs of traveling

We arrived in Haiti at noon today after a red eye from LAX into MIA.  Due to schedule changes, the flight arrangements were a mess but luckily Jay was able to fly standby on my flight and we ended up being able to be seated next to each other on the red eye.  Hooray for a shoulder to sleep on. 

It's my 5th trip to Haiti and, as always. it feels a little like coming home when I arrive at the Healing Hands for Haiti property.

It's Jay's first trip and so far he says he loves it.  (Granted all he has seen if the traffic between the airport and the guest house and the beautiful property, including a swimming pool, here on the compound).  After arriving we unpacked bags of supplies, organized it and then spent some time relaxing by the pool waiting for the rest of the team members to arrive.  I took Jay on a small tour to see the 7 acres of property here including where the clinic was before the earthquake and where the new clinic is being built.  He also got to see a view of Boudon town next to the Healing Hands for Haiti compound.  (pictured below)

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