Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 is usually better than 1

Julie and I, we do a lot of things together.  We're twins and it comes with the territory. 

Last week we canned peaches together.  It's a really big chore if you have to do it all yourself and was much better doing it together. 

Last night our combined efforts included making peach cobbler with the left over peaches.  I was putting some ingredients into the cobbler.  She was putting other ingredients in.  She was also pulling other ingredients out of cupboards while I read down the list of ingredients needed.  I figured she had pulled everything out that we had put everything in from the list.  We mixed it up and Julie kept saying it didn't look right.  I had never made the recipe before so I had no idea what it was supposed to look like.  Julie was telling me that I didn't measure things properly, while her husband chimed in and said, Julie you never measure things.  He was not surprised in the least that it didn't "look right."

We baked it and started eating it.  Then she realized...

we forgot to add the eggs.

HA-I guess our combine efforts failed this time around.  So what happens when you forget to add the eggs to cobbler-a floury (wheat flour, I might add) and sugary topping...less like cobbler and more like a coffee cake top. 

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