Monday, September 6, 2010

"How Will You Measure Your Life"

I'm not sure if there is anyone out there really following my blog, especially since my travels have come to halt. I am now officially in to the learning phase of life, although currently procrastinating my studies. School will probably be slightly less exciting but hopefully equally as enriching as travelling.

There really wasn't much of a break between travelling ending and schooling beginning (is that grammatically correct? am I allowed to say it like that? Well, it's my blog and I guess anything goes). I arrived home Tuesday morning from Guam. School started Wednesday morning. I was scheduled to work a night shift Thursday night at the hospital. Definitely back in the swing of life.

To kick start my re-entry back into school, I found an article that helped me consider a few aspects of life: how I spend my time, my interactions with other people, and HOW I do things rather than WHAT I do. A little back ground first...

In 2003, while serving a mission in South Korea, I heard a talk given by Clayton Christensen. At the time all I knew was that he had also served a mission among the Korean people and that he was currently teaching at Harvard Business School. This latter point was huge in the eyes of the Korean people, who strongly value education and are very familiar with Harvard. I still know very little about this man, but I have always remembered the message he shared that night. Maybe not the details of the entire message, but the spirit of the message and a few key points that I needed for that particular phase of my life.

A few months ago, while browsing on the Internet, I came across his name tied to an article from Harvard Business School, a talk he recently gave to graduates. The link for the article is no longer available through HBS, but I found a link through another website. It is a little long, BUT well worth the read regardless of your career or phase in life.

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