Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Only Comes Once a Year

I love Fall, but with school I have not had a chance to enjoy it as much as I would like.  Last year I was a "leaf peeper."  I ran off off to DC and Boston with the sole desire of being out there in the Fall to see all the beautiful colors.  So when Ryan called me late Monday night about hiking first thing Tuesday morning it was hard to resist. 

But when the trail head started like this:
I should have know that I might be getting myself into a hike that was harder-or more rugged--than I anticipated.   According to the hike guide printed off the Internet, we needed to cross the river at a bridge.  That pipe was the only "bridge" we could find. 

But who can say no to this:
OR this???
Me either.  But in case you were worried, Ryan did pack along a helmet for me.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because last time we went rappelling in June down in Zion I managed to flip upside.  Thankfully, the backpack I was wearing took the brunt of the hit from the rock wall and not my head.  But it was probably the weight of the backpack that caused me to flip backwards.  Go figure.  My head was definitely safe from any danger on this hike, but my body temperature dropped a few degrees as the sun decided to stay hidden behind clouds most of the day while we descended through a beautiful, yet frigid waterfall. 
And maybe I did pray once or twice that I would a) not slip as I descended down the waterfall with rocks covered in moss that offered very little in the way of traction, and b) not freeze before making it down because for a while there I couldn't feel my feet and that doesn't help with getting your footing on uneven ground. 
And since I'm writing this, you know that I made it.  And despite everything listed above, it was a great hike on a beautiful Fall day with fun friends.  I always love finishing something that is hard-something that I doubt in my capabilities but am somehow able to accomplish with the help of others. 

And in case anyone was wondering-this was better than doing homework.  I still managed to do well on my test 2 days later.  I think I needed the break :)  Justification and Procrastination at its highest!

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  1. SO glad you made it alive! Does look gorgeous and fun however... and not at all surprised you are doing so well in school!