Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Picturesque Northwest

I officially have the best family EVER.  Tuesday night at 9pm I purchased a ticket home to Portland and flew out 12 hrs later.  Despite short notice, my family in Portland and Seattle welcomed me home without complaint.  Here are a few pictures highlighting my spontaneous adventures. 
Sunset in Seattle Friday night

Vancouver Canada Temple

Ty at the Portland Rose Garden on his birthday.  After the Rose Garden we headed to the Elephant Park

another photo from the rose garden-used a funky setting, but I thought it turned out nicely

Strawberry picking.  We picked 27 lbs (not counting all the we ate as we picked).  Ty couldn't resist...neither could I.

Pikes place with Sheri.

Other highlights from the 4 day excursion include:
  • Visiting 4 new restaurants (Yumms, Isabel Pearl, Viet My, and Samurai Sushi)
  • Shopping sales tax free in Oregon, including a quick shopping trip to the Columbia employee store. 
  • Running on the water front in Downtown Portland
  • A trip across the border into Canada.  Unfortunately they do not stamp passports at the border for Americans, but for the record--I have been to Canada.  Check.
  • An 11 mile bike ride around Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.  
  • Watching Sheri finish an Olympic distance triathlon
  • Time spent with 4 siblings, and 9 nieces and nephews

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  1. ah i love this!
    i'm a little jealous of you... seattle looks beautiful!
    looks like you are having a blast!