Monday, August 30, 2010

Homeward Bound

Here are a few more photos summing up my time on the Mercy. The last several days we have been travelling between Timor Leste and Guam. The time was well spent taking photos, reading books, cleaning the ship, throwing eggs over board with a few of the mariners, watching the mariners fish from the back of the ship (they caught one!), playing games, making friends etc, etc, etc.

Today was a perfect day to end a perfect adventure. We ported in Guam this morning and got to spend the afternoon on liberty. Brinton, Susanne, Debbie and I rented bikes. Little did we know the weather would be rainy. Um, rainy is an understatement. It poured. Pretty much the whole day it poured--and we LOVED it. Everything I brought with me was soaking wet-passport, change of clothes, book and all.

We road our bikes out to Spanish Steps for a short but beautiful hike down to the a secluded beach for some snorkeling. (see picture #2 for a group photo).
Stay tuned for future highlights of life....but no more crazy trips for a long, long time. Grad school starts again on Wednesday. Hopefully I recover quickly from jet lag and don't sleep through advanced pathophysiology.

sorry if some of these photos are uploaded multiple times...I'm not sure what is going on with the internet at the moment.

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