Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Humpty-doo, Jabiru, Kakadu and Darwin

Are these names for real?!?

It sounds more like a fairy tale than legitimate towns in the Northwestern Territory of Australia. These are the names of towns I travelled through or stopped in while enjoying two days of liberty in Darwin Australia.

To name a few highlights: wandering the streets of Darwin on a self guided walking tour of the town, taking a crocodile cruise down the Adelaide river, visiting the Kakadu National Park and seeing a variety of native animals to Australia including wallabies (I didn’t see any kangaroos, though), visiting original aborigine art and seeing art work from 1500 years ago.

(um, so the internet connetion here is REALLY slow. Nothing to complain about, but I just posted these pictures and it put them at the top instead of the bottom. I'm not going to try to edit it now. I'll figure out how to correctly post pictures later. )

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  1. AHH Emily this looks amazing! Isn't Darwin incredible! I loved the week I spent there last summer! I can't wait to read and see pictures of all your adventures! You're amazing!