Monday, August 16, 2010

MREs: Take 2

In Haiti I tried MREs for the first time. In trying I mean to say that I took one bite of potato soup and decided that I could live off granola bars for breakfast and lunch for the 2 weeks we worked in Haiti.

On Sunday I attended a "comserv" (a community service project) where we spent several hours painting a fence around the perimeter of a school. In true military fashion we ate MREs for lunch. In case you can't tell by the look on my face, I think the second go around was a better experience than the first.
And by trying I mean to say that I gave the main entree of BBQ pork ribs (which included the word imitation in the title of the entree) and clam chowder to another volunteer while I ate the torillas with squeeze cheese and raisins and nuts.
I think that half the joy of eating an MRE is just seeing what side dishes (if you can call them sides) come in your package. The person sitting next to me had a nutella like spread with pound cake while others had peanut butter with a cookie and crackers. Mmmm, delicious.

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