Sunday, August 22, 2010

It really does have a name...

Once again, I forgot to write down the name of this disorder, but I'll post it later today-I promise. Here are the post-op photos of the two teenagers that had their foot anomalies repaired.

Photo #1 was a 16 year old girl. She only had the second toe debulked and shortened. Sorry I don't have any pre-op photos of her foot.

These next two photos are of the 16 year old boy that I posted photos and explained about the other day. His surgery was much more complicated. The orthopedic surgeon removed the second toe, straightened the big toe and debulked the excess fatty tissue from the bottom of his foot.

I'm not sure what you think. As nurses we were debating on whether this really was an improvement from his pre-procedure foot or not. You can be the judge of that. He seemed happy with the outcome and had tossed his crutches aside and was hopping around the unit for the 3 days he stayed.

He and 3 other patients from the unit flew home by helicopter to a remote village called Same (pronounced Saw-May) Monday morning.

We currently have one patient left on the unit. He will be transferred to the national hospital this morning and we will depart for Guam last this afternoon.

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