Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Luck of the Draw...

Frustrating...I can't get the pics to load properly, so these top three pictures are my officer berthing and correspond with the last paragraph of this post.

Most of the berthing areas look like this.
Yes, triple bunks. It reminds me of the hostel I stayed in while travelling in London. Except, in London there were only 6 people to a room. Multiply that by about 20 and you have regular berthing in the Navy. Roughly 100 plus people sleeping in each of these berthing units with bunks and lockers stretched from wall to wall.

Somehow, I lucked out and was assigned to officer berthing. My sleeping quarters look like this.

Only 8 people to a room, but currenlty there are only 5 of us, 2 large lockers, 6 drawers, a sink in the room and table with chairs to sit and read or talk. My bunk is big enough to sit up and read in too. I'm not sure how I ended up so lucky, and maybe you don't consider this lucky at all, especially when I discovered Sunday night that I had not been assigned to a department at all. That has been taken care of. I will be working in pediatrics while on the ship and looking forward to seeing kids later today!

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